POTENTIAL+ Group-Coaching Program

Positive Psychology Program Creating Flourishing People and Workplaces

  • Program aimed to unlock potential, develop capability and enhance mental health and wellbeing.
  • Program incorporates Dr. Suzy Green’s 6M Model of Flourishing (Green, 2019), which is based on the science of Positive Psychology – the science of optimal human functioning.
  • Six modules which consist of video content, exercises, and additional resources, which are designed to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the material.

Focusing exclusively on performance can undermine wellbeing and resilience in the workplace.

By implementing initiatives to create a positive workplace, there is a strong return on investment:
For every USD spent, there is an average of USD 2.30 in benefits gained by the organisation (PwC, 2014).

3 programs to choose from

POTENTIAL+ Group-Coaching Program with individuals from various organizations
  • Aimed at experienced managers and specialists, employees from human resources or personnel development and coaches.
  • 1-hour weekly (online) group coaching sessions for 14 weeks in German or English
  • Two sessions per topic for reflection on the content and discussion of practical experiences (including introductory and concluding session).
POTENTIAL+ Group-Coaching Program for groups, teams or departments in an organization

Customised offer based on the needs of your company or your teams with the following options:

  • Accompanied by us (on-site or digital)
  • Accompanied by an internal coach/facilitator
POTENTIAL+ as a "stand-alone" digital solution

Participants complete the program independently.