Positive relationships have the biggest impact on our well-being. Fear and anger are also essential for our survival in the short term, but it is problematic if it gets too much. Moreover, positive emotions help us to function better, whereas social isolation has one of the biggest negative impacts on depression (Suzy Green, 2020).

However, how do we handle this in the current situation with COVID-19 and the associated social distancing?

From my perspective, it is essential in the current situation while tackling with COVID-19 that we continue to stay in close contact with positive relationships, on the business and private side. Therefore, it is up to us to find creative solutions on how we can stay in contact with each other while practising the so-called “social distancing”. The various online-tools, many also supported by videos, help us to stay connected and to continue with our positive relationships also in the current situation.

I am also offering my coaching services online (via Skype calls etc.), particularly in the current situation, while we are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. My clients and I have had great experience interacting with each other via online-tools.

Currently, I am also enjoying further education in Positive Psychology online in order to stay up to date with the latest scientific developments, as well as to exchange myself with other coaches and educators across the globe. This form of learning supports us in the current situation but is also very comfortable for exchanging knowledge and experience with each other across countries and in various time zones. Furthermore, I am amazed and impressed with which speed the Swiss education system has set up additional online structures due to the ordered school closing. I am curious about the result also from the experience my daughter is facing.

As a conclusion, the currently required so-called “social distancing”, which is rather a “physical distancing”, due to the COVID-19 pandemic does not mean that we need to neglect our positive relationships, which are indispensable for our well-being. We have plenty of opportunities to stay connected with each other thanks to digitalization. I also strongly believe that in the current situation digitalization will gain more ground, in a business context, in our education system and private lives.

Dr Suzy Green, a pioneer in the field of Positive Psychology and the founder of Sydney-based “The Positivity Institute” has just launched a new book “The Positivity Prescription”, a 6-week wellbeing program based on the Science of Positive Psychology. This is a perfect program for individuals during these difficult times. It is available from all major online bookstores, such as Book Depository, Amazon etc.