Should Good Leaders Have Leadership as one of Their Central Character Strengths?

Leadership Leadership is one of the 24 character strengths, as suggested by Peterson and Seligman (2004). More specifically, leadership is the disposition of organizing and encouraging a group to get tasks accomplished while managing to maintain harmonious relations in the group (VIA Character, 2020). Some individuals who had leadership as a character strength were Franklin […]

Executives: How Flourishing is Your Life?

“The good life is using your signature strengths every day to produce authentic happiness and abundant gratification.”, Martin Seligman (founder of Positive Psychology) A flourishing life: What is it? Flourishing means, simply defined, experiencing positive core psychological features, e.g., engagement, meaning, and purpose (Seligman, 2012). There are five paths to build a flourishing life described […]

How You Can Apply Your Character Strengths at Work

Character strengths Character strengths are positive, individual, and measurable units of good character, such as perseverance, teamwork, and honesty (Harzer & Ruch, 2013). It is interesting to note that character strengths can be ranked regarding their centrality for the individual (Harzer & Ruch, 2013). In other words, perseverance may be more present in some people, […]

“Positive Leadership: A Path to Excellent Results.”

“Concentrating on the positive and on strengths offers tangible benefits for both employees, teams and the company as a whole” (Hunziker, 2018, original quote in German). Positive Leadership Positive Leadership is a particular leadership approach that aims to achieve outstanding results by systematically focusing on human strengths (Seliger, 2014; Hunziker, 2018). Jim Mallozzi, a former […]

“What is Your Purpose in Life? Live Your Strengths to Find Your Meaning.”

“He who has a WHY to live can bear almost any HOW (Nietzsche)”. I have asked my ten-year-old daughter recently: “What is your purpose in life?” She gave me such a prompt, clear, and meaningful answer, which amazed me. Even for adults, it is often not easy to answer this question spontaneously. However, why is […]

Happy and Successful in Middle Age with a Personal and Career Assessment

In the middle age (approx. from the age of 40 to early 50), there is often a phase of change. As many studies show, happiness is the lowest at this age. Such a phenomenon is called the “U-curve” of happiness, which describes that happiness decreases steadily from a young age and increases again after the […]